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Jordan Montgomery | Voiceover Artist

“Next up to bat...” it started with those four words.

Hi, I’m Jordan Montgomery and welcome to my website,

The rise of my voice over career started back at Independence High School in Thompson’s Station, TN; home of the Eagles.

I was the voice for Eagles Baseball from 2007 to 2008, the year I graduated.

Every chance I had, I’d be in my room mocking up my own pieces of work from TV station’s news opens, to promos, etc...

In 2009, my family and I moved back to the Central Coast of California and I began working as an intern at the local CBS/FOX affiliates, and also attending community college.

I participated in a couple of voice over workshops as well.

They liked my work and encouraged me to pursue voice over.

After a year of not doing any voicing or announcing since my high school’s baseball team, my goal of becoming a voice over artist started coming back to life when I began voicing local commercials for the station I was working for.

Having that opportunity has allowed me to get my work out there plus gain more experience.

I am fortunate in finding a mentor who is in the business.

I took some time to track him down because I wanted to know more about what he did and how he got there.

I first heard him as the voice for a Los Angeles TV station back in the mid to late 90s.

Then in Tennessee, he was the voice over for the Nashville CBS station.

Through connections at the Nashville CBS station, I eventually learned his name and was able to find one way to contact him.

The day I sent him an e-mail I thought to myself, what are the odds of me hearing from this guy? The next day after school, I had 3 or 4 e-mails from him and from then on we became great friends.

He has taught me a lot about what the voice over business is like, and knowing what to expect has been a great help.

So here I am, twenty-one years old and working hard to realize my dream of having a successful career in the voice over business.

Part of that dream includes, moving back to the Nashville, Tennessee area and pursuing my career out there.