I am Melissa
I like Design & Photography

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My name is Melissa Aguilar

I'm a Designer. I enjoy designing on the computer as much as I enjoy doing

in the mornings.

I find it very relaxing and feel like is my space to create with no limits. My style is very clean and simple but sometimes is fun to get a little messy. I specialized on creating Invitations for all types of Events

I am currently working at Ms. Cardel, Planner and Event Design as a Graphic Designer. If you want, you can view my work I have done on the company website at www.mscardel.com

I show designs on Instagram, and connect with my family and friends on Facebook.

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hello, you can contact me at aguilarmelissa219@gmail.com


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    Baby Shower Invitations

    Top Image : Beach Theme
    Bottom Image : Tropical Theme

    The long wait is over, the little angel has come

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  • image02

    Bridesmaids Proposal

    Theme : Pale Pinks Floral

    I said YES to him... Now will you say YES to me?

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    Xv's Invitation

    Theme : Royal

    Keep Calm and Carry on, It's my Xv's

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    Wedding Invitation

    Theme : Royal

    Two Souls but a single thought, Two Hearts that beat as one

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If you wish to contact me and say hello or give me feedback you can reach me at aguilarmelissa219@gmail.com