5 seconds before a disaster
We’re just a group of friends that enjoy hanging out and playing games.
Life can be absolute hell sometimes— believe us, we know—, so sometimes the only way to cope is to raise hell with some friends in the magical world that is video games.
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Don’t have friends or games to waste time with? We got you covered!
You can join in on the fun at our channel on Twitch. Witness our finest moments, both the brilliant and the very much not so brilliant*. Either way, feel free to come on down and watch us make fools of ourselves, for both your viewing pleasure and our own amusement.
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Wanna learn of our most abysmal secrets that will forevermore haunt your feeble minds?
Or do you just want to know our favorite foods? Yell at us for playing a game wrong**? Why not! Feel free to ask us stuff or talk to other fellow lurkers in the chat. Just be sure to keep it reasonable. You’re adults***, you should know how to moderate yourselves. But if you cannot control yourselves... well, mods n’ such exist for a reason, right?
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*It’s mostly gonna be not so brilliant, probably. Life just be that way sometimes. Most of us are absolute casuals too. Elitists and speed runners; you’ve been warned. **Backseat game at your own risk. We may just make things worse out of spite and because we like tormenting people for fun. ***This channel is for 18+. We will swear and talk about things kids probably shouldn’t hear. We’re not responsible for babysitting any stray hellspawn that wander here.