G118 Web Graphics

Week 4

The Design Process Part One : The Importance of color. Deciding on the style of your website. Establishing a mood. Color schemes. Fonts. Images. Designing seperate elements (links, etc.) and rollover graphics for navigation.

Lecture and Discussion


Putting links and color in your class page. Create a header image with your name and addi it to your page. Create rollover button graohics for navigation.

Dreamweaver: Lesson 5 Creating a Page Layout


Establishing a mood is very important. It's the first impression your users get from your website. Decide on the feelings you are trying to create : for example elegant, high-end, fun, corporate, vintage, hippy, old-school, feminine, etc. Color and type contribut in setting the mood and style of your site.


Color should be taking seriously as it plays a huge impact in creating a mood. Pay attention to the color schemes (color combinations). This article is a good start in order to understand the basics of color theory.

color and mood

color scheme examples

monochromatic : one color and shades of the same color

contrast : colors opposite to each other on the color wheel

analogous : colors next to each other on the color wheel

navigation color scheme

Textbook Reference:

Mid-term project assigned (see projects.)