G118 Web Graphics

Week 6

The Design Process Part 2. Creating a layout. Typography on the Web.
Pre-Crit on Community Site layouts

online resources

Color and fonts establish the style and mood of your website. Design organizes the information in a way that is pleasing to the eye and accomodating to the content.

A well designed website :

The grid is the structure behind any well designed page. It creates a sense of proportion and alignment.

Other elements that define good web design :


Remember that people don't read on the web. Websites should be designed for people who are skimming through the pages.

design manual

1. preparation and research

2. creating a sitemap : organize your elements.

3. designing a grid : design your web page on a grid.

4. layout your page following design principles :

5. pay attention to your navigation

examples of navigation:

Textbook reference: